Rayna van Aalst

My name is Rayna

Welcome to my world


Hey you,

I am Rayna and these are my loving and incredibly patient husband and beautiful and fun daughter.

Apart from a wife and a mom, many people know me as the Queen of Eco Chic Beauty through my work as a founder and owner of Reina Organics.

I have been featured in VOGUE, Women’s Health and ELLE, to name a few.

With my husband and daughter

With my husband and daughter

I was born and raised in the country of roses - Bulgaria, and I’ve been living in the land of tulips - the Netherlands, for more than a decade now.

As you probably noticed I love flowers. I am big on chocolate too – chocolate with whole hazelnuts, chocolate cake and chocolate muffins. No pure chocolate for me though.

Now that you know the shortcut to my heart, I feel it’s important t mention that I have what they call dry sense of humor. I will make you laugh alright but there will be moments too where you’d look at me wondering whether I’m serious about what I said, and my poker face won’t give away I’m joking.

I love mountains. I cry when I hear the Bulgarian anthem and a song called “Хубава си, моя горо“ (You are beautiful, my forest) which is an ode to the beauty of Bulgarian nature.

I like deep meaningful conversations. As well as math problems and puzzles.

I’ve always had a thing for helping family and friends (or people I barely know) follow their heart.

At Reina Organics I did (and still do) through niche organic skincare and makeup brands as well as conversations on the Reina Organics blog and social media around beauty from within.

Then I launched my podcast Hail the Queen – a collective of interviews with people I find inspiring; conversations which will help the women listening to the conversation celebrate the Queen each and everyone of us has in her.

My favorite place in the Rhodopes mountain in Bulgaria.

My favorite place in the Rhodopes mountain in Bulgaria.

During my journey as the visionary behind Reina Organics and working with women from all walks of life – from models who have been on the covers of famous fashion magazines all over the world, ultra successful entrepreneurs, famous actresses through women aspiring to pursue their passion, I discovered that no matter how many Instagram followers we have (as I’m writing these words, this is a measurement on how successful you are), we all carry our pain and insecurities too.

And most of all, I realized that I want to help each and every one of them.

So here I am pursuing my passion.

As a coach, a speaker, a woman.

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I’m excited to connect with you.

Much love,